Old and New Saratoga Springs

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Hello everyone, I am in Saratoga Springs looking at a home here and just wanted to share a couple things with you. Saratoga Springs is the coolest place and this home is in the area that used to have the marina and the old hot springs.

If you know much about Saratoga Springs, it's a cool story about a guy named John Beck. He was working in the Tintic district of Utah and had made a ton of money in the mines out there. He came over to this side, saw the hot springs and then bought approximately a thousand acres and turned it into a resort. He named it Saratoga Springs after the Saratoga Springs Resort in New York. 

It was the late 1800’s when he started it (not that I go back that far) but I do remember coming here in the 70’s. There were parks, picnic tables, a water slide and of course the hot springs. I was a really, really cool place. Now it is homes. 

This home is a great home; just over 5,700 square feet, six bedrooms, four baths. But the thing that's really cool is this home is in a location where they have an HOA and it's around $100 a month. They have two pools, they have the dock, in fact, you can see the lake right here in the video. They have a private marina, dock, they have basketball courts, they have pavilions, a couple clubhouses. It's amazing what they have in this HOA for such a low price! 

Saratoga, as I'm sure everybody's heard...Saratoga, Eagle Mountain, all of this side of the lake...has been growing like crazy! In this area here they have houses built, but they're not on top of each other. 

So if you're interested in living in Saratoga let me know! If you're interested in the history I'd love to talk to you about that too, it's a pretty fun history.   

Give me a call if you're interested in buying or selling Saratoga! Add that to your list, I'd love to help you! 


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