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Have you ever been to Midway, UT? I just want to share a little bit of information with you about an area of Midway well known as Dutch Fields.

Last fall they started building out at Dutch Canyons. (it's just west of Dutch fields) It's a little bit higher elevation and is absolutely beautiful. There aren’t many parcels left in this area.

Dutch Canyon is an HOA, Dutch Fields is an HOA, and a lot of people tell me that they don't want to be in an HOA. However, what are some benefits of it?Some HOA fees are higher than others. However, sometimes the lower priced HOA fees don’t give you as many benefits like this one does. This HOA here in Dutch Canyon includes a pond and a swimming pool, etc.

HOAs often have conditions, covenants, and restrictions to keep the homes nice and that's one of the biggest benefits of an HOA. People don't want their home or their property to lose value due to someone not taking care of their yard.

So a couple of things: some HOAs have a higher fee, but they take care of everything. They take care of your front lawn, back lawn, the trees, the shrubs...everything. Others will charge a little bit less and allow you to take care of a portion of your yard or all of your yard. However, If you start letting your lawn get too dry or you have a car on cinder blocks on your front lawn it may not be tolerated; there are some certain restrictions to keep the community looking nice. So HOAs in that aspect are a benefit to maintaining the value of your property and the overall feel of the neighborhood.

Anyway, check it out! There are a variety of price ranges in this area. I have another client that's looking at a property and it's not on the higher end like the Dutch fields and Dutch Canyon.

Keep in mind that HOAs do have an impact on your loan-to-value ratio. So depending on what you're looking to do there, that'll have an impact.Check out this clip and take in this beautiful area, it's just incredible. What a great view of Heber Valley, it's a great location!If you are interested in Dutch Canyon or Dutch Fields please get in contact with me and we can find you a wonderful place to live in Midway, UT.

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