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Last year I was able to participate in a golf fundraiser for Huntsman Cancer!

This is a little clip from that event, and some more information about the fundraisers I am privileged to be a part of. Let me know if you’d like to join us for this year’s fundraising golf tournament!

This specific fundraiser was held at the Dave Rose classic for Huntsman Cancer at the Alpine Country Club. If you ever want to support Huntsman Cancer this is the way to do it. What do they say? The worst day of golf is better than the best day at work!

I love this organization, Huntsman is just a classy place. My mom passed away about 26 years ago of cancer and I appreciate what research they do here. It's amazing the stories that you hear about Huntsman Cancer. Dave and his wife Cheryl Rose have taken this project (I know I've talked about it before on my blog) and they raise money every year.

I also appreciate Coldwell Banker and what they do to support this program. I donate every time I have a settlement or a closing. I appreciate my clients and those that have worked with me over these years who make it possible for me to donate! If you have any inkling of buying or selling let me know, I'd love to work with you and make another donation to Huntsman Cancer.

It's amazing what they do. There is a new joint venture with Primary Children's and Huntsman Cancer. They have a PET scan where they can do these scans that enable them to know within a day, or even just a few hours, the impact of the treatments, how it’s working and what's happening with the cancer. It used to take weeks to get information.

Have a great week! It was a beautiful day and I'm very blessed to be able to golf with Coldwell Banker at this Huntsman Classic every year. Get in touch with me if you’d like to come to golf at our fundraising event this year!

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