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Bunk Beds: Get prepped for the Holidays! 


Have you seen built-in bunk beds??
I'm in Midway with a client here from California. They recently purchased their second home and are excited for their large family to come visit!


When they bought this home they talked about doing some remodeling in order to fit so many people more comfortably. There is a large bedroom so they came up with a crafty way to put a lot of bunk beds in - I just have to show you this!

So with this bunk bed project, they now have room to sleep TEN!

 They've got six single beds and then two on the end of the room are double size beds. Completing this project has made it such a nice room!

A lot of people, especially when they have a second home, vacation home or frequent family reunions could really use something like this! Many of us in this situation have wondered, "How can we get more people to sleep comfortably here? We're going to have family coming over and we have grandchildren...how are they all going to fit? 




This is a wonderful example of just how you could make your own home more comfortable for your loved ones! 

If you have a desire to do something like this, whether it's your own home and you have a lot of children, you have a vacation property, or you have lots of visitors, this is just a great way to do things!

If you have any questions, let me know. We can hook you up with a contractor or I hope this simply gives you an idea of a project you can start with your current contractor.


Good luck with your projects! Have a great new year! 

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