Adult Autism Support & Housing

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There are many opportunities to support organizations that work with people on the Autism spectrum. I've had opportunities over the years as a realtor to participate and raise funds for the Autism Council of Utah which is a great organization.

So what happens when children on the Autism spectrum become adults? There are a number of organizations in Utah that put a lot of time and effort into providing opportunities for adults on the spectrum. Hayden Johnson at Allies Supported Employment provides a great service teaming with employers to provide employment opportunities for adults with handicaps. Hayden and his team provide the resources for employers to have and improve a successful outreach and employment program for adults with disabilities. With Allies, employers are able to have the advantages of the human skills, and at the same time Allies are available to provide employee training and coaching.

Concerning Housing for adults with disabilities, a new apartment building, 85 North Apartments, in Provo will have units for seniors and adults with autism and/or disability.

Cognitive difficulty, has recently been linked to a large amount of autism, though it is generally publicized as a childhood difficulty, such as Down Syndrome and Autism, typically only Dementia is thought of as an adult cognitive disability. It is great to see efforts to provide services to provide more opportunities for adults with cognitive disabilities.

Last month, March 2021 stats for cognitive disability as a percentage of the population for each state was published and Utah ranks third lowest with 3.9% of the population, with only North & South Dakota with a lower percentage of the population with a cognitive disability.

Stats show that people with a disability are over two times more likely to live in poverty (25.9%). Another organization that is working with young adults with learning difficulties, to prepare for adult independence, and who is providing onsite services at the new apartment building in Provo is Scenic View Academy.

Please watch for opportunities to work with or support these and similar businesses who are such a great resource for our community to help all adults feel the joy of contributing to society.